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We bring you 

and your business

to the next Level

Successful business of tomorrow needs a new orientation today

We as humans are constantly challenged by the ever-increasing complexity and accelerated pace of change in our lives. These new obstacles demand transformative and innovative solutions that only arise from a greater wholistic approach to everything from 'age-old' dilemmas to the most cutting-edge issues facing our business world of tomorrow. 

Business owners, managing directors and senior executives alike all fulfill a leadership role and bear a deep responsibility to their shareholders, employees and their own business vision.

Your individual impact essentially relies on how conscious you are and how well you are aligned. Your business reflects where you personally are right now.  



We believe: The more you develop, the more your business will. We are convinced of that.

Our offer is for YOU, dear business owner, managing director, and owner, senior executive:


We bring you and your business to the next level.

We see ourselves as bridge builders connecting the inner and the outer world, the analogue and the digital world, the boomers and the millennials, the regional and international world.

Our goal is to inspire conscious growth, on as a personal and business level.

ConGrow (= Conscious Growth).

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We support you to grow consciously and successfully on both levels - personally and businesswise.


You benefit from our years of experience in coaching executives, consulting and in the implementation of transformations. Our expertise is based on our own entrepreneurship, as well as on our know-how and practical experience leading teams of internationals and millenials. We are aware of your challenges and understand in corporates as well as medium-sized companies and start-ups.


executive coaching

Intensive reflection and development process on business challenges and your personal hurdles, in which you successfully open up new scope for action for you and your business.

Transformation coaching

Targeted support for leaders in change processes in business. Further development of your change competence and, above all, increasing your personal effectiveness in change by working on your (un)conscious hurdles. Increase the chances of success of your transformation.

transition coaching

Accompanying risky transition phases for leaders and business. There is no second chance to make a first impression, the first 100 days are crucial. Finding out unspoken expectations, seeing through power relations and successfully adapting your actions to them.

leadership development

We work with you to develop solutions to qualify your leaders and support you in further developing your collective leadership skills

Team coaching

Development of (management/leadership) teams. Looking at hard and soft themes, leaving room for the unsaid and the unconscious. Through carefully accompanied constructive friction of different interests, perspectives and personalities, trust matures in your team, satisfaction increases and performance increases.

360 degree assessment

Online questionnaire based 360/720 degree assessments are extremely valuable tools that bring together observations and perceptions from a range of people in the organization.



Together we will illuminate business-related content and current challenges in your business. Together we will also look at inner barriers and support your growth as a leader by seeking alignment around purpose and strengths.

You are the starting point: We challenge you, confront you. We are confident in what we do by experience and conviction, because only those who dare to take a closer look can grow (beyond themselves). Together we look inwards so that you can achieve maximum impact in the outside world. We help you to reach your full potential of your business.


We observe, reflect, coach, advise and co-create. We create awareness for what was previously unconscious. We create connections and make suggestions how to inspire change from the inside to manifest, taking into account interactions with the outside world. Our basis is systemic and illuminates situations holistically, from a wide variety of perspectives - viewpoint of the company, entrepreneurs, managers and employees.

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We are colleagues and have enjoyed working together for many years.

Together we bring over 40 years of experience in the business. We share a common consulting background, our love for coaching and the desire for effective consulting and powerful implementation. What unites us is the special ability to recognize the causes and connections of challenges in business and at the same time humans and their needs.

We connect different worlds and act as bridge builders.

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Britta von Dobschütz

Britta loves depth. And is a specialist in creating conditions in which conscious changes can take place.

She has been in the business for over 20 years with her own experience as a manager in a group and in consulting.


Specialized in the areas of coaching, personal development, leadership and transformation. With a combination of depth and pragmatism, she consciously and effectively supports clients with seriousness and ease.


Dr. Sandra Wieland-Dornbach


Sandra is a quick thinker and a heart person. She loves the visionary. With her passion for personal growth and lifelong learning, she inspires others.


She combines 20 years of experience with individuals, teams and organizations as a manager in the private sector and as the founder and owner of a successful consulting company in the field of further education. In her work with foundations, she is committed to an inclusive, digital future for children and young people.

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